It has been developed for quick and easy installation . The underside of the product is finished with a kraft paper and film backing. Colour granules are added to the surface, the material cooled and rolled into the required lengths. Ein neuartiges Material aus umweltverträglichem Kunststoff und einer Armierung aus Aluminium ersetzt den Einsatz von giftigem Blei in vielen Bereichen. Big Name Brands, Best Prices, Fast, Secure Delivery.

Made with modified polyethin compound with an aluminium mesh re-inforcement.

Easy to install at extreme low temperatures. Superb performance at extreme high temperatures. A lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lead roof flashing that can be used instead of traditional methods in the majority of applications. Everything needed to install robust and waterproof dressingsin one easy to use kit.

Genießen Sie unser Gratis-Konfigurator und schätzen Sie die Effizienz von Photovoltaik- Panels. Ubiflex is strengthened by an . Please feel free to browse our extensive collection bel. Delivery and collection is available nationwide to all customers. too to order at great trade prices.

De ribbels zorgen ervoor dat u nog eenvoudiger én sneller waterdichte aansluitingen kunt maken op dakpannen en (sterk) gegolfde dakbedekkingen. Hoogwaardig loodvervanger op siliconen basis. Speciaal ontwikkeld voor soepele verwerking en toepassing onder alle weersomstandigheden. An example of our great range. Het kan in de meeste gevallen bladlood vervangen.

Read what people are saying and join the conversation. Lead-free flashing with extended. Malleable across temperature range. Strong and self-supporting core. Waterproof flashing manufactured by coating both sides of an aluminium mesh reinforcement with a mixture of modified bitumen and additives.

This lead-alternative is a much easier and quicker material to install, when compared to traditional lead. Veelal gratis verzonden! Next day delivery available if ordered before 11:00am today.

It forms a durable bond to tiles, slates, mor. Treten Sie in direkte Verbindung mit dem Hersteller um ein Angebot einzuholen und um den Händler in Ihrer Nähe zu finden. Steel Builders stock a wide range of building products. We accept the below payment methods . UBIFLEX BLead 400mm x 6m Grey.

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Due to the high amounts of thefts of lead this material is ideal in any roof and some of the main advantages include:.