Petersen bricks

Der klassische Ziegelstein. Wasserstrich und kohlebrand. Farbvariationen und variierendem Farbenspiel. Ein neues Produkt, das eine markante und moderne Fassade . The classic Petersen brick – waterstruck and coal-fired. The original handmade, long-shaped brick.

A new prizewinning tile product for facade and roof – with the unique Petersen colours and structure. Not many bricks celebrate an actual birthday – see PETERSEN NEWS. A range of handcrafted , horizontal building ceramics intended for masonry and tiling. Hier können Sie Texturen zur Visualisierung sowie Beispiele herunterladen. Steine und Spezialmischungen.

Efter bearbejdning af leret håndlaves stenene i træforme, hvorefter de tørres og brændes. Ved at benytte varierende . Find textures for visualisation and examples. Once the clay has been processe the bricks are handmade in wooden moulds . Petersen Tegl is a group of brickworks, focusing on the craft of bricks. The monolithic gray-brick walls are perforated in bands to admit speckled light to the zone between the ruins and the galleries above. Kolumba Museum, Peter Zumthor.

Renowned for excellent craftsmanship, these outstanding products come in an extensive range of colours, sizes and textures. Categories – All bricks. Social housing, Pilevangen, Århus – Photo: Anders Sune Berg Petersen products are like no other bricks on the market. They are either handmade or made by machines that emulate the manual process.

The clay is selected and treated with great care. A demanding design and firing process result in bricks with . Many of its products are custom made for special projects, where work is carried out in close co-operation with architects or construction clients. Sehen Sie ein Montagebeispiel.

Petersen Cover ist ein neues Ziegelprodukt, das einem Gebäude eine markante, zeitgemäße Fassade verleiht und gleichzeitig die bekannten Vorteile von Ziegeln nutzt. This process adds vibra. Petersen Cover is a new brick product which adds a distinctive and modern look to building façades while maintaining all the known advantages of brick.

The structure of the handmade bricks leaves the building façade with a beautiful, rustic and exclusive look. The brickyard has been located in the same location for 2years and has been run by the same family in a direct line ever since. Recently we had the pleasure of a presentation from Danish Brick makers Annette and Christian Petersen.

Accompanied by Peter Robertson, an old Australian brick maker himself, Christian and Annette gave us a fascinating presentation about the history and philosophy behind their . All products are made by hand from special clay imported from England. The facade bricks were originally designed in conjunction with Peter Zumthor. During the baking process, the bricks are treated with steam which . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

The Danish brickwork brand is internationally renowned for their high quality products and excellent craftsmanship, and supplies a full range of unique brick products.