Curved glideboard

Der zehntausendfach bewährte Klassiker wird besonders gern zum Transfer Rollstuhl – Autositz – Stuhl – Bett verwendet. Abmessungen: x cm. Anwendung bei: Abstand . Weight capacity 120kg (19st). Can be wiped clean with soapy water, alcohol or disinfectant with.

Aus absolut bruchfestem Material (HDPE), säureresistent, nicht toxisch, leicht zu reinigen und desinfizieren.

Das Rutschbrett hat normale Gebrauchsspuren wie Kratzer auf der Oberfläche – Gebrauchsspuren auf der Unterseite – ansonsten siehe Foto. Die Form ist Design Patent geschützt. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf . Show prices including VAT. Description: The Glideboard is used for seated transfer from one surface to another.

The patient is required to have some upper body strength to complete the seated transfer. Curved Glide Board Transfer Mat. The low friction plastic allows for a transfer with minimal force required and makes the Glideboard easy to clean.

Die gebogene Form ermöglicht eine sichere Auflage und fließende Bewegung bei. Supplier name, Guide price (?), Contact details, Trade associations (Explain), Further information. Database: DLF Data (GB) . This is a short demo video featuring the Glide Board. To find out more, or to purchase this product please visit. The board is curved for versatile positioning and facilities ° up to 180° transfers.

Kontext von „ glide board “ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: The glide board of Claim wherein the secondary core (24) comprises first and second materials of differing densities. CURVED GLIDEBOARD Visualizza ingrandito . We developed the shape together with therapists and several tens of thousands have been sold. The shape is Design Patent Protected. La sua forma è stata sviluppata in collaborazione con terapisti ed è protetta da brevettò. Assistive Technology Australia is a leading information, education and advisory centre for Assistive Technology and the Built Environment.

Here we have an assistive eating universal utensil holder. Making this will help those with arthritis or some type of hand problem be able to eat. When using a transfer boar it is important to ensure that the two ends are secure. Although it is important to have a level surface on which to transfer, some people can . Material:HDPE SWL:2kg säureresistent, nicht toxisch .

La forme a été étudiée par nos soins en collaboration avec des . Lightweight and comfortable, wherever you need it, in the clinic, home or away. Samarit transfer systems.