In unseren vier Niederlassungen in Saarbrücken, Überherrn, Zweibrücken oder Luxemburg stehen Ihnen qualifizierte Fachkräfte im Telefon- und Thekenverkauf mit umfassender und kompetenter . From its manufacturing base in Athy, Co. If you have a query, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Your one stop shop for roofing supplies!

These safe and durable ridge tiles are usually used at the top of the roof or at the gable ends, and can also incorporate vents for ventilating the roof space. This tile comes with a.

These premium slates are produced in a blue black colour and come with an unprecedented year colour guarantee. The Thrutone Plus Relief slates come with a textured surface and . Breaking News at IrishTimes. Für diese Seite sind keine Informationen verfügbar. We export our fibre cement . It is the only manufacturer of fibre-cement roof slates in Ireland and provides a wide range of slates.

The company also supplies quarried natural slates, clay tiles and roofing accessories. Black Fibre Cement Roofing Slate. Three point fixing system.

Informieren Sie sich über die Arbeit bei Tegral. Slate is a fine grained metamorphic stone that may be split into thin slabs or slates. It is waterproof, fireproof, resistant to weather extremes, and requires little or no maintenance. It is not surprising then that natural slates have been by far the most popular roof covering in Ireland for generations.

A modern, innovative Irish company, trie trusted and teste we are Ireland’s only manufacturer of fibre cement slates. Building for generations. With local advisors across all corners of Irelan as well as a dedicated internal . Tegral has been a member of the Etex Group . Finally agreed to replace full roof of. It provides slates to su. Having previously written about the conceptual design and building layout of the new nursery school at Sillogue, we now conclude with the development of the design in cross section, and the environmental considerations.

Slates are strapped in bundles of 15. ThrutonePlus slates must never be allowed to become wet while stacked prior to fixing. They should be stored indoors or under cover and in all original .