Tanking slurry

The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and fissures effectively blocks the further passage of water and ensures permanent . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Over million kilos sold with zero failures. The right method will depend on your exact requirements and the type of damp you are dealing . We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices.

Available at low trade prices with next day delivery.

Cellar tanking or basement tanking refers to the application of a liquid waterproof coating ( tanking slurry ) to the walls and floor of a cellar. It is used to treat damp walls by preventing water ingress, effectively making the walls permanently watertight. Damp walls are common in cellars . Remove any old plaster from the walls surface. This also includes any loose debris, dust paint or render.

Once the walls surface is free and clear of dust and any other rubbish wash it down thoroughly with . Easy to use two-coat system. Mix with water and apply with a brush. Tanking Slurry and Cementitious Slurry – How to Apply.

Provides a waterproof coating for brickwork, concrete and. Delivery and collection is available nationwide to all customers. too to order at great trade prices. The material can bridge cracks. It is abrasion resistant and resistant to concrete- corroding . Swimming pools, fish ponds, basement etc.

A single component polymer modified cement based protective and waterproof slurry coating, once mixed can be applied trowel or brush. Next day UK delivery available. SLURRY is a blend of Portland cements, quality graded aggregates and chemical modifiers, which provide a waterproof coating system. TANKING SLURRY benefits: ♢ Excellent adhesion to most common building materials – see surface preparation.

Water based – safe to apply on damp surfaces. A single-pack, cementitious waterproofing powder, containing re-dispersible polymers, shrinkage compensators and fine aggregates, which is mixed with water to form paint-like slurry. Triton TTis a single component polymer modified cement based protective and waterproof slurry coating.

When mixed and applied correctly it forms a highly effective damp proof membrane that can be applied to sound brickwork, concrete, concrete blockwork or any . Coverage is 8min two coats per 25kg tub. So we decided to fully tank the wall instead and used ka tanking slurry. With returns on either side of the wall.

According to the builder he applied it correctly and he did remove all the original paint that was on the wall and then keyed it prior to applying the slurry. It is now weeks down the line and there are .

It can be employed against active and passive water pressures, and is approved for use in contact with potable water. The initial and final bonding capability of Vandex BBis excellent, making it suitable for application to horizontal as . Recently filled our newly constructed rectangular pond. KA tanking slurry suitable for tanking basements, soil retaining walls and damp floor slabs. It resists positive and negative water pressure, is suitable for above and below ground level and is water vapour permeable.

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