Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel (better known as GALVALUME ). A measure of the success of this program is the fact that virtually all of the major steel companies worldwide have become licensees of BIEC. Virtually maintenance free. Canada and is the exclusive producer in Canada.

The nominal coating composition is aluminum and zinc.

A small but important addition of silicon is included in the coating alloy. It is added not to enhance the corrosion performance, but . If you are one of the many homeowners looking to install a steel roof on your home, understanding the difference between galvanized steel vs. Right off the bat: In most residential steel roofing applications including . Featuring GALVALUME Sheet Steel.

More than years after its development, GALVALUME roofing and siding panels are used everywhere. GALVALUME sheet steel is a Al-Zn coated sheet steel product that is ideally suited for most types of roofing .

The most popular of all GALVALUME roof systems is the standing seam roof system. On new roofs, structural GALVALUME steel panels are typically . Galvanized metal is a sheet of steel that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc oxide. The alloy coating of aluminum and . This corrosion and rust . It has superior flatness and an excellent paintable surface. So what is it, and what are its benefits? The technology license qualifies us to continually access the latest product innovations and process refinements through BIEC and the ZAC Association, which enable us to manufacture products of the highest . Two popular roofing materials that use this process of binding two or more dissimilar metals are referred to as galvanized and galvalume , each of which use steel as the base metal.

The zinc acts as a protective layer to iron or steel to . I am considering purchasing a galvalume or aluminum standing seam roof for my home, located approx mile from the ocean. Opinion is mixed from local contractors regarding the appropriateness of galvalume vs aluminum. Most feel very comfortable.

Galvalume roofing may be the answer. Galvanized: Surface of galvanized steel evenly distributed the layer of zinc materials, which plays the role of anodic protection for base material, that means corrosion of zinc material give the protection of the base material , and only when all the zinc .

NOT rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a . Product Characteristics. Proven Superior Corrosion Resistance. The first benefit of metal roofing is its enhanced performance caused by recent innovations in metal roofing paint systems and coating technology. We are an architecture firm in So.

Mark Silva, VP Roofing Sales tells us how galvalume metal roofing offers high strength, wind resistance, and corrosion resistance.