Aster frikartii mönch

Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Pinching back stems in late spring will lower overall plant height, but will also delay bloom onset. Not reliably winter hardy throughout USDA Zone where it may be advisable to grow plants in protected locations and leave spent . Zone ‎: ‎to Type ‎: ‎Herbaceous perennial Height ‎: ‎2.

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Lichtverhältnisse: sonnig. Blütezeit: Juli August September. Bodenverhältnisse: trocken normal. Eigenschaften: Schnittblume.

Its graceful 2-3′ stems bear masses of 2½″ flowers all summer, in an extraordinary shade . Elegant, cool lavender-blue single flowers with gold centers occur on upright, freely branching stems. It blooms earlier than most asters, starting in early August.

Lavender-blue flowers with daisy-like petals and golden yellow centers burst into bloom in late June, lasting through September and often until the first frost. Fast-growing, this bushy plant is known for its early . Sie blüht von Juli bis Ende Oktober und brauht wenig Pflege. Covered with lavender-blue daisy flowers with a yellow center from July until a hard freeze. Hybridaster von Frikart zwischen der heimischen Kalkaster (A amellus) und der amerikanischen (A thompsonii) Wunderschöne Rabattenpflanze für. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers.

A wonderful plant that forms a wide mound covered with masses of large lilac flowers for ages. It has soft green leaves. Plants form a bushy mound of light green leaves, bearing branching stems of lavender-blue daisy flowers beginning. I find them very good cutflowers too.

De plant bloeit in de maanden augustus-september en staat het liefst in de volle zon. An established clump will send up many such stems resulting in a wide-spreading elegant bouquet of flowers which lasts for months (August-October), somehow never looking untidy . This very long blooming aster is loaded with clear lavender-blue flowers from July to October. AM BST At a time when other plants are fading, this showy aster can be relied upon to provide a welcome shot of colour, says Ursula Buchan.

Slender lavender-blue ray-florets surround a golden yellow disc, forming good-sized flowerheads to 8cm across, which top sturdy, well-branching stems from midsummer to . Good to know – wildlife plant.

In a good season can begin flowering in July. Aster is a late summer saviour.